Understanding Executive Condominiums

An Executive Condominium, a form of housing, was created to serve the different needs of citizens. Because the Executive Condominium has different facilities and design, it is very similar in terms of its layout and features to other private condos. The Executive Condominium often comes with many of the amenities that condos have. One of the most significant differences is that a Executive Condominium has a 99 year leasehold rather than a freehold. Read more now on Altura EC.


A purchaser must satisfy several criteria before he can access a condominium. An applicant must either be a citizen of the United States or permanent resident. A family member must be present, similar to the public housing scheme. A set income is required to be eligible.


Certain incentives have been created for individuals who wish to buy an executive condominium. Housing grants are often granted, but this is dependent on one’s citizenship.

There are many Executive Condominiums in development. The locations of these condominiums vary. The development’s size is a significant feature. They can be able to accommodate large numbers of people. They also have the ability to create stunning structures.

Many of these residential units offer a high level of luxury and ample land to accommodate all kinds of activities. Studio units, up to 5 bedrooms units are available. Some units may have their own lift lobby. Semi detached homes and bungalows may also be possible to include in the project.

Because these establishments have many sizes of units, couples and singles can easily find one that suits their needs.

Another aspect of the development is transport. Most are located near expressways or public transportation. It is an advantage for all residents, especially those that have to move around. You will find great recreation opportunities right around the corner.

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