Google Reviews- Four Tips to Boost Positive Reviews

According to Dimensional Research’s new survey, “90 percent of respondents who recall reading online review claims that online reviews positively influence buying decisions while 86 percent claim negative online reviews are the driving force behind buying decisions.”

Here’s How to Get More Positive Reviews on Google. Visit this site Previewstars.

HTML0. if you are a large company, with say more than 3500 customers you could hire Feefo. Google and Feefo have formed a partnership to validate reviews. Simply submit your customer database and they’ll contact them on your behalf to ask for reviews.

Feefo’s status as a Google Certified Partner means that you can expect your customers to be responsive to any requests. Google has independently verified all reviews to make sure they can be relied upon. You can let potential clients know this. These fees are extremely reasonable and they can easily be integrated into your current online marketing plan.

If your website is smaller, you may want to try a company named Five Star Review System. Rates start as low as $49 a month. Their system seems great and can help you get more business reviews. The company isn’t a Google Partner, but they still offer an independent process to ensure your reviews.

you can design your own marketing program for more customer reviews. Just ask customers to give a quick review as soon after they have experienced your services. This short period of time is crucial, as once the feeling of excitement has gone away it will never come back.

You should let them know that they have done you a great favor by leaving a good review. Be specific about how their review will help you. Many customers enjoy doing this favor and will be happy to oblige.

You’ll be rewarded with more referrals and reviews if your customer knows that you consider this favor important.

4) Reward your customers by thanking and expressing how grateful you are for their reviews. You must show your gratitude quickly and sincerely. This can be done by monitoring review sites and having an alert system to let you know when new reviews are posted.