Do you have Masculine Energy?

The Dating With Dignity, Date-Ability Assessment revealed that over 90% of women are shocked to find that nearly 40% of their positive, “date-me” energy levels vibrate at low levels. These low energy levels transmit messages that can cause men not to consider you a possible partner. They report to their friends that she was “intimidating”, “aloof” and “there was no chemistry.” Look at here.

But how do you determine if your energy is predominantly masculine? It is important to identify where your masculine energies come from. Your unconscious thoughts, feelings, core beliefs and past experiences are the main sources of masculine energy. The core beliefs that you hold today are a result of what you have learned from your past. You might be leaking masculine energy if you are unable to accept compliments, have intelligent conversations or your sense of humor. These are just 12 core beliefs that can lead to or leak masculine energy during a date.

1. People are fundamentally judgmental and persecuting. You will ultimately cut me down and hurt my feelings.

2. You (potential date). Are a threat to me safety. (meaning I am unable to preserve my happiness and protect myself from heartbreak or loss).

3. You can’t dislike me if you don’t like it. (Said in an effort to heal my damaged ego.

4. I must appear aloof, put up walls or not show that I am interested in anything.

5. I will save my face and pretend (to myself), that I don’t mind you not calling back, asking me again, or causing me disappointment.

5. People listen only to me/like my ideas if there’s a benefit (which is often the case in most cases, which is the possibility that he will get sex).

6. All good things are bad and I know that the “high” I get from being with you is fake or artificial.

7. Don’t mess with me. This is a waste of your time. I’m fine by myself, and I will make it through “happy” even if you try to hurt my feelings.

8. You won’t win this dating game, I don’t play any games. (Some women say these words before the first date, or shortly afterwards.

9. My worth is determined by what I’ve accomplished so let me share everything that I have done. I want to let you know how incredible I believe I am.

10. Black and white thinking. There is no gray or middle ground. In reality, you can be either “in”, or “out”. I will assess your behavior immediately and place you in correct category.

11. You can have it if you want it. I won’t forget it. If you are late, I will keep it and maybe make sarcastic comments about it. You have to “earn back” my affection.

12. Your actions are justifiable, my actions are right. I am right.