Do you have Masculine Energy?

The Dating With Dignity, Date-Ability Assessment revealed that over 90% of women are shocked to find that nearly 40% of their positive, “date-me” energy levels vibrate at low levels. These low energy levels transmit messages that can cause men not to consider you a possible partner. They report to their friends that she was “intimidating”, “aloof” and “there was no chemistry.” Look at here.

But how do you determine if your energy is predominantly masculine? It is important to identify where your masculine energies come from. Your unconscious thoughts, feelings, core beliefs and past experiences are the main sources of masculine energy. The core beliefs that you hold today are a result of what you have learned from your past. You might be leaking masculine energy if you are unable to accept compliments, have intelligent conversations or your sense of humor. These are just 12 core beliefs that can lead to or leak masculine energy during a date.

1. People are fundamentally judgmental and persecuting. You will ultimately cut me down and hurt my feelings.

2. You (potential date). Are a threat to me safety. (meaning I am unable to preserve my happiness and protect myself from heartbreak or loss).

3. You can’t dislike me if you don’t like it. (Said in an effort to heal my damaged ego.

4. I must appear aloof, put up walls or not show that I am interested in anything.

5. I will save my face and pretend (to myself), that I don’t mind you not calling back, asking me again, or causing me disappointment.

5. People listen only to me/like my ideas if there’s a benefit (which is often the case in most cases, which is the possibility that he will get sex).

6. All good things are bad and I know that the “high” I get from being with you is fake or artificial.

7. Don’t mess with me. This is a waste of your time. I’m fine by myself, and I will make it through “happy” even if you try to hurt my feelings.

8. You won’t win this dating game, I don’t play any games. (Some women say these words before the first date, or shortly afterwards.

9. My worth is determined by what I’ve accomplished so let me share everything that I have done. I want to let you know how incredible I believe I am.

10. Black and white thinking. There is no gray or middle ground. In reality, you can be either “in”, or “out”. I will assess your behavior immediately and place you in correct category.

11. You can have it if you want it. I won’t forget it. If you are late, I will keep it and maybe make sarcastic comments about it. You have to “earn back” my affection.

12. Your actions are justifiable, my actions are right. I am right.

Protecting Your Gold IRA Investment

The unstable economy makes retirement a major concern for most Americans. What could be more difficult when you retire? Individual Retirement Arrangements, or IRAs, were also introduced by the government. These allowing individuals to save money for retirement and get tax breaks. The flexibility of the assets one can invest in an IRA is what sets it apart from other retirement plans. Visit gold coins for ira before reading this.

Many IRA owners have had to reexamine their investment options. Many people have suffered significant losses due to the volatility in the stock markets. People want stability and nothing is better than a gold IRA investment for stability.

You need to take precautions with your investment in gold IRAs. You can place precious metals in your gold IRA, including gold, palladium, silver and platinum. These precious metals are immune to economic turmoil and any ill effects such as inflation and devaluation. Because of their limited supply, and high demand, these precious metals can withstand any economic crisis.

A good place to start is having an account custodian who permits the inclusion of precious metals into your IRA. You will have to create a self-directed gold IRA. You should open an IRS-accredited bank account if you are interested in investing in physical assets like gold bullion bars and coins. This will allow you to maintain your gold IRA investment. It is forbidden by the IRS to handle precious metal assets. In order to avoid being penalized, you must deposit your asset directly into the storage unit.

All gold bullion coins or bars are not gold IRA investments. The IRS has established standards for the quality of your physical asset in order to be considered account investment. Acceptable as legal tender are silver and gold bullion coins that are less than 995 in fineness. Only a few coins meet the criteria, including the American Gold and Silver Eagles, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, the Australian Kangaroo Nuggets or the Austrian Philharmonics. Bullions are 99.9 percent pure and are therefore a safe investment.

Protect your investment in gold IRAs by only dealing with reputable precious-metals dealers. This will prevent you from making costly mistakes that can negatively impact your retirement account. You are essentially deciding the quality of your retirement life. A good place to start is choosing precious metals for your preferred investment. You shouldn’t make unavoidable mistakes that can compromise your account’s stability.

Roth IRA Conversion

A Roth IRA can be used to save your tax-deducted retirement income and get tax-free earnings. It’s different from the traditional IRA, Guest Posting because the earnings are not subject to tax but may be exempt from taxes. See gold ira definition to get more info.

There are two methods to contribute funds the Roth IRA account. The first way is to simply deposit compensation income. This could be income earned from wages, earnings from self-employed work or alimony. Convert funds from a Roth IRA to a traditional IRA is another option. This involves taking funds from a traditional IRA account and depositing them to the Roth IRA accounts within 60 days. A Roth IRA Conversion Account is a retirement fund that is created when a person transfers funds from a regular IRA to a Roth IRA. There are certain criteria that must be met in order to convert a regular IRA fund into a Roth IRA. The conversion is not possible if the adjusted annual income exceeds $100,000. This applies to married couples who jointly file their tax returns, as well as single tax-return filers.

It is important to keep in mind that the amount used to convert a regular IRA fund into a Roth one is subject to income tax. This is because Roth IRA contributions are tax-deductible.

There is a penalty for early withdrawals and distributions under the Roth Conversion rules. This means that a distribution must be made within five years of the date the first contribution was made from a regular IRA.

Relevance Of Gold Ira Investments

The gold Individual retirement account is one option to invest in your retirement. It’s a way to invest in commodities like palladium or platinum as well as silver. The investor does not have to possess the actual precious material, but is given written documentation indicating the amount of the gold purchased. You can get the best guide on gold ira fees.

Many people choose to invest in the Gold Individual Retirement Account rather than stocks, because they believe it’s safer. An individual retirement account in gold provides investors with secure profits. This account reduces risk as metals are more stable than options and stocks. Revenues from stocks are usually determined by the performance of the corporation whose shareholders keep the shares.

Investors will also prefer to invest in gold IRAs over stocks or options because of the fluctuating prices of these investments. The value of gold has been increasing over time. It has ensured the investors profits, so they don’t have the risk of losing their own investments to the stock market failing.

Investors have long practiced gold investing. It existed long before the invention of paper currency. The exchange of metals was the main medium of trade in the barter system. Because their prices are stable, rare metals have been used until now.

The investment in the Gold IRA is a sensible decision as the price for precious metals will rise. This will guarantee your retirement savings. It is not like options or stocks, which can lose value and not pay dividends.

How to choose Flowers for Your Wedding Anniversary

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. Flowers can be tricky to pick the right flower for the occasion if they don’t represent something you know. Flowers can be gifted at any occasion. You can give flowers at any occasion: birthdays, anniversary or thank you; holidays; date; and weddings. Read more now on

Because red and pink flowers signify love and passion, it is safe to gift them on anniversaries. Like the anniversary year has its own set of gifts, each year also has its own set of flowers. Today’s post is going to be all about wedding anniversary flowers. In future posts, you’ll find information about other occasions’ flowers.

Carnations:First Wedding Anniversary is a time to celebrate. The traditional flower of the first anniversary is the carnation. These flowers symbolize young passion. There are many colors available for carnations, so you can pick the one that best represents your love.

2nd Anniversary: Couples who have been together for two years are more likely to be able to understand each other and share a deep love. That’s what this beautiful flower symbolizes. The amazing cosmos make the perfect flowers for celebrating two years of blissful marriage.

Sunflower- Third Anniversary: Sunflower symbolizes the three years of marriage which has been passionate, strong and vibrant. The strong stalk of sunflower represents the solid foundation of marriage. The yellow petals of a sunflower symbolize love and passion. The freshness of sunflower bouquets is a sign that the couple has developed trust over three years.

Geranium-4th Anniversary: The vibrant, colorful flower known as geranium is for the fourth wedding anniversary. It represents happiness and positive emotions. For your 4th anniversary, Geranium arrangements will be perfect if you and your spouse have become more familiar with each other’s routines and have better understanding.

Daisies – 5th Anniversaries: These beautiful luminous daisies make the perfect gift for the 5th year anniversary. This beautiful, simple flower is a symbol of the hope, loyalty, and love that the couple shares after five years of sharing many experiences.

Calla Lily – 6th Anniversary:Calla Lily – An elegant flower that symbolizes the amazing ways in which the couple have grown and developed a unique love, making them even more attractive.

7th Anniversary: The 7th year anniversary flower is freesia. This fragrant flower is also known for its pleasant fragrance, which has been used in soaps and lotions for many years. The freesia is a symbol of all the love, appreciation, and hope you have for your loved one and all the wonderful surprises that lie ahead.

8th Anniversary: These beautiful flowers will make a perfect eighth wedding anniversary. The white Lilac symbolizes first love. This is a great time to remind yourself and your spouse about the day they met and to recall all the amazing moments and passions shared during these eight long years of marriage.

Bird of Paradise-9th Anniversary: This stunning flower is a one-of-a-kind and a great way to celebrate nine wonderful years of marriage. This flower signifies the future and all the joy your love can bring.

Daffodil – Tenth Year Anniversary: This is a significant number to celebrate, and the stunning daffodil flower arrangements are the perfect choice.

Rose- 15th Anniversary:Rose are romantic and passionate flowers that can be used to commemorate a significant milestone in your relationship. Red roses are a luxury flower that you and your spouse deserve. This will let your spouse know how much you love each other.

Aster-20th Anniversaries: The 20th anniversary celebrations are marked by the elegant aster flower. This star-shaped flower has been regarded as a symbol for love, patience, and fortune. Its delicate beauty and beaming petals signify appreciation for the wisdom that you have shared over the past two decades.